1 May – Terni to Foligno

1 May – Terni to Foligno

We had our first Italian hotel breakfast (included in the price) – and were not too impressed – plain cake (homemade evidently) and coffee.
The coffee was good – it is good everywhere in Italy. Not the type of breakfast a cyclist needs!

Our ride was a manageable 68km today, most of the day on a small regional road – the SP67. It started with a long hill climb straight out of the city – through a green gorge with a train track running far down below.

The road got even smaller and we stopped part way up for a picnic – supplementing our breakfast with some left-over olives, cheese and tomatoes.

More hills on small country roads.

Once we got onto the flat we had a tailwind behind us and made great progress, cruising along. At one point we found ourselves cutting through some freshly ploughed fields with irrigation channels on either side. We rode on a cycle path alongside a canal at one point, and then into the town of Foligno.

Everything was very quiet and we were surprised – almost no people about and most shops closed. Later on we figured out that it was a public holiday (May Day).
We did find a supermarket that was open, to buy some ice cream and food before finding our hotel. We had a quick ride through the old city on the way.

Our hotel is very nice (3 star), quiet and comfortable.

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