30 April – Beautiful Sunday ride

30 April – Beautiful Sunday ride

We had another great ride today – 74km on smaller country rodes. Our final destination – Terni.
Not too many hill climbs today either (just a few gentle ones), and quite a number of long downhill runs.

We started out leaving our medieval town on the other side (awkward getting our bikes down narrow alley ways and steep stairs), and taking a “farm road” on the opposite side of the lake.

There were wonderful views across the lake.

It was all great until we got to a washout and couldn’t continue. Jenny was ready to turn around, but Kris took the bikes over the obstacle – it turned out to be only about 80m – and then we were back on tar. He cut his leg on the pedal in the process. The moral of the story is that the difficult route may sometimes still be the best option.

We passed through another gorgeous old town – Posticciola – on the hill by the lake and stopped for a water refill. it was very quiet being a Sunday morning – just a few old men around.

Then a long downhill run – exhilaration – passing a man on a horse. We meandered through the countryside following the valley for a while. The countryside opened up and we deviated from the main roads on very small rural roads. We still came across the odd cyclists out training today, but not as many as yesterday. Still no other cycle tourists around.

The last 7km into Terni was a huge downhill drop down a mountain pass – I was just happy we were going down and not up!

The town was very quiet, everything closed up. We got to our accommodation – a cheap hotel – and had a pasta and some wine in their restaurant. Then we went out looking for a supermarket for some food for the evening. This took about another 10km riding around town by the time we found one that was open and got back.

The hotel was not great as there was traffic noise – especially early in the evening when we went to bed – however we were so tired that it didn’t keep us awake too long.

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