Hotel hopping – Friday 26 July

Hotel hopping – Friday 26 July

The heat wave continued today, we woke up early and left at 7 am, to travel in the cooler temperatures. In all, we did 50 km to Tilburg, and then another 5 km around the town and to our hotel. It was hot and muggy in the morning, worse than the previous day. There was also a bit of a warm head wind at times, making it feel as though the weather was changing.

The route was easy again on brilliant cycling infrastructure. For example every intersection has a dedicated bicycle traffic light and lane for bicycles to travel through.

Red asphalt bike lanes crossing intersection. Pedestrian crossing is on the right.

We went past a few farms, and through some towns and villages – Rucphen, Sprundel, Lies, Breda, Dorst and Rijen. We rode past some absolutely beautiful homes and gardens on the road into Tilburg – some with perfect lawns and box hedge displays. Some of these people must spend all their time manicuring their gardens. Everything was very quiet – it feels as though everyone is staying indoors waiting for the heat wave to end.

We got to Tilburg before 11 am – too early to go to the hotel. We rode through the centre, which had a fun fair set up for the evening in the centre, making it very messy. There was also a lot of broken glass. We stopped at a supermarket to buy and eat some ice cream, then sat for a while in a cool spot in the city park.

Trying to stay cool in Tilburg city park

The heat was really unpleasant at this stage, so we headed to our hotel. On the way there, we had a quick look at the Piushaven harbour (on a canal), which we thought was the most scenic part of the town. There was a man swimming in the harbour, a couple of kids in a dinghy and a handful of people sitting on benches.

Piushaven harbour

We did a supermarket shop at Jumbo, just a few hundred meters from the hotel – buying salad, bread, cheese, meatballs and beer (Weissebier and IPA – our hotel room has a minibar fridge). The hotel allowed us to check in early just after 1 pm and we spent the rest of the day in air conditioned comfort. This room is even better than yesterday (they are both Bastion hotels), with a bigger room and bathroom. We have a corner room with windows on two sides and great views onto the streets.

Street view from hotel window. Note the separated bike paths – standard infrastructure here

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