22 May – Alpine ride

22 May – Alpine ride

Today we completed 84km, along two river valleys – from Fusch to Golling

The first ten km or so out of Fusch was still part of the descent from Grossglochner, down the Fuscher river valley. It was all on nice bike paths, and went quickly.

There was a lot of construction and the bicycle route became messy when we reached Bruck at the end of the valley.
We turned East here – into the Salzach river valley.

When we rejoined the Adria-Alpine Radweg, it sent us back uphill – a climb of a few hundred meters. We met another cycle tourist and took photos of each other.

Our route took us past Bischofshofen and Werfen.

Note the para-glider in the foreground of the photo

We noticed some ladders in the river to help trout swim upstream.

Before we got to Golling we passed through a very steep kloof – we were forced to share the road with cars here as it was so narrow. There was a castle on the hillside just before this pass. It opened up on the other side for a quick descent into Golling.

Narrow pass before Golling

Countryside flattens between the pass and Golling

We didn’t like Golling too much, even though it has pretty buildings. The town is ruined by a busy road running through the center including large trucks. Our accommodation was on this road above a cake shop – it was overpriced and noisy.

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