2 June – Nürnberg sightseeing

Today was a relaxed day sightseeing around Nürnberg (22km).

There is a lot to see, including several impressive churches and an old castle.


City view from castle wall

Entering castle walls

Castle garden – cooling off under the sprinklers!

Nürnberg is the second largest city in Bavaria (after Munich).  We enjoyed the wide pedesreallytrian only shopping streets.

We are loving the German baking – couldn’t resist this “pudding bretzel” and cheese bretzel with coffee at a cafe/bakery – sitting outside and watching the people go by.

A shop that interested us was the Lego store.

You can buy almost any type of brick or part here – pick ‘n mix style

This was a pretty outrageous (entertaining) modern fountain.

The human rights monument references the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Each pillar has one article of the declaration inscribed on it in German, and in another language below the German – a different language on each pillar.

We were back at the 14th century Frauenkirche at midday, when the mechanical clock (Männleinlaufen) activated, as it does every day. The trumpeters and drummers trumpet and drum while the “prince-electors” process around the Holy Roman Emperor.

Kris standing in the shade (under the clock) while all the tourists photograph the mechanical clock in action.

At the end of our city tour we found a pub where local people were eating and drinking – a little away from the center. We cooled down with some Weizenbier and also enjoyed some asparagus soup.

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