Saturday 23 May – exhausted

Saturday 23 May – exhausted

Today we exhausted ourselves with a 100km ride. Our route took us through Skorogoszcz – Narok – Slawice – Luboszyce – Turawa – Ozlmek – Zedowice – Kosmidry – Lubliniec.

The route was straight forward and flat. At the start we were going through nondescript semi urban areas with traffic (not too pleasant and slow).

The route improved when we approached the lake Jez Turawskie – nicer houses as well. A highlight was riding on top of an earthen dam wall alongside the lake. It was Kris’s good idea to haul our bikes up there, and we found a few other cyclists and walkers on the dam, as well as fishermen. The lake is huge and there were a large number of wind surfers in the distance.

After this we found ourselves following long straight roads through forests, but with occasional fast passing traffic. This was quite monotonous and my arms were aching badly the last hour or so (Kris was also suffering with his bottom).

It started to rain quite heavily at around 1pm and we stopped to shelter in a bus stop. A little old man was already sitting there, but he beckoned for us to sit down and could speak to Kris in German (though was difficult to understand). He was adamant that we should take the turn off just before the bus stop (the map seemed to indicate the next one), saying that a bridge was impassable. We decided to take his advise and it seemed to be correct as it the connection from the other bridge seemed overgrown when we passed it.

We were happy when we reached the town of Lubliniec where a lot of roadworks were happening. The hotel Lubex was fairly budget style but good. They were getting all set up for a wedding and most of the other guests seemed to belong to the wedding party. It is surprising how many wedding venues are advertised in Poland. Maybe everyone gets married many times.

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  1. Hi guys!!!!!!!!! Love the photo’s, everything looks so idylic!!! I did have a giggle looking at the picture of the cobble type road – I’m guessing that wasnt the most comfy of rides. Loving being able to follow your travels!! Take care and stay out of trouble xx

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