Short and Scenic – Thursday 18 July

Short and Scenic – Thursday 18 July

Our whole ride today was alongside the river Maas (or Meuse) – to Namur, to get Esther to a railway station so she could travel back to Switzerland. It was only 38 km – including the distance riding around Namur when we arrived.

We were in a relaxed mood, so we spent some time enjoying the scenery around Dinant before we set of on our ride. We also stopped at a bakery for breakfast and ate a rice pudding tart (which is evidently a Belgium specialty). It set us up well for the day of cycling.

The ride along the Maas/ Meuse river was very beautiful. We saw large passenger boats in locks and vertiginous rock formations alongside the river, some with fortifications on top.

We enjoyed seeing groups of children in canoes and learning to sail in little sail boats. One of the boys in the canoes was singing an Edith Piaf song with a surprisingly strong voice and it stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Our hotel is right opposite the railway station in Namur. When we arrived and Esther had bought a ticket, we spent some time riding around the town, drinking some beer and eating snacks. The 1 Euro waffle that I bought on the street outside our hotel was amazing (and the best we had on our entire Belgium trip).
We had a lovely final dinner out with Esther in the evening.

Cafe where we stopped for our first beer in Namur
Second beer in Namur

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