Belgium – Tuesday 16 July

Belgium – Tuesday 16 July

Today we had an easy ride – just 54 km from Wiltz to La-Roche-en-Arenne in Belgium. The first part of the river ride (route number 20) was easy and relaxing, in contrast to the previous day. The bike route is built on an old railway line, so even though it was an uphill climb, the gradient was really easy. We were only around 20 km from the border, which was not sign posted on the bike path. We only knew we had crossed the border for sure when we noticed the bike path signage had changed. The bike path went through about four old railway tunnels. I was most impressed that they were all lit with electric lights, just for the bicycles.

First bicycle tunnel
Great bike path (route 20)
Second bicycle tunnel

This good bike trail continued to Bastogne, where we stopped for some coffee and Belgium pastry at a bakery. The baked goods on offer are just gorgeous.

Pastry in Bastogne

Back out in the country we past through this unique country town – Givroulle. The church and houses are all made of stone. What made this town different was that it had dolls on display at the centre, and also some fabric fish hanging from a tree!

We rode past this burning barn. There were no other buildings around and it appeared that they were not fighting the fire, just keeping people away and making sure it didn’t spread.

Barn fire

We are now in the Ardenne region of Belgium, characterised by stone houses, most of which have bright flower displays in their window-boxes. And the odd garden gnome. Everything is beautifully kept and picturesque.

Typical stone house with flower boxes
country town scene

Our destination, La-Roche-en-Arenne is a beautiful tourist town, but food and drink is quite expensive. We had noticed that Jenny’s tire was damaged during the ride, so our first priority on reaching town was finding a bicycle shop. We bought a new tire from a lady bike mechanic at the only bicycle shop in town, and she helped us fit it (very quickly) outside the shop. This area is mostly French speaking, but we are hearing some Flemish in the streets as well.


We had some Belgium frites with mayo at a take out place, a McChouffe beer (really good and strong) in a cafe and then ate some salad from the supermarket.

McChouffe beer at La-Roche-en-Arenne

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