14 July (Saturday) – Country ride to Dinan

14 July (Saturday) – Country ride to Dinan

Today we managed to stay on smaller, less busy country roads by avoiding crowded coastal routes and the bigger towns. The rain also stayed away until late in the afternoon and there was even a bit of sun in the morning. In all we did 86km.

We first spent a bit of time exploring the old city of St Brieuc, there was a Saturday morning market on at the center. We then found a bike route to Hillan. It gave us some lovely views of the coast and river inlet from up on the hills amongst the corn fields.

After Hillan we took country roads through the towns of Morieux,Planguenoual, St-Alban, La Bouillie, Hénanbihen and  Plancoet. All the towns had churches with tall steeples in the middle and stone buildings all round. Plancoet was the largest town we passed through and we stopped for coffee here. It is gorgeous with stone buildings looking onto the Arguenon river banks which are green with gardens on either side. We sat outside at the cafe overlooking the river. The cafe was not full and we were entertained when a older couple with two young boys pushed two small tables together. The cafe owner objected and separated them out again. The family then left to go to the cafe across the road (good for them).

From Plancoet the road seemed promising with a separate bike path. However this disappeared as soon as we left the town. This caused us to blunder onto a couple of side roads that then petered out looking for a bike path. After about 5km on a busy road, we were pleased to turn off onto a quiet secondary rood (after Corseul). This took us to Dinan via Quevert. The entry into Dinan was so painless that we were surprised when we saw a sign saying we were only 3km from Dinan.

True to form it started to drizzle (first rain of the day) as we entered Dinan. It was busy in the center with lots of slow traffic and pedestrians; being late on Saturday afternoon.

We were lucky to find a bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town with a private entrance and kitchenette and plenty of space. We went back into town in the evening but soon returned as it started to rain again.

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