A Quiet Saturday – Saturday 6 July

A Quiet Saturday – Saturday 6 July

Today felt like a very long ride – 86 km without many stops – from Münster to Soest. We originally wanted to go to Dortmund, but couldn’t find reasonable accommodation there because of a Pokemon Go convention on the weekend!

We rode out of Münster on a “Bicycle Street” – where bicycles have priority, although cars and motorcycles can also ride through.

We travelled along many small rural roads today – in some places it was so quiet it felt like we were the only people in the world.

The biggest town we passed through was Hamm, and I thought we may pause for a snack. However it was almost like a ghost town, and we kept going when we didn’t see anywhere appealing to stop.

Bear fountain in Hamm

This place was called Kirchwelver, and includes a church and cloister. It was very neat and picture perfect.

We rode alongside more ripe wheat fields, some freshly cut fields, and today we also saw a couple of large noisy machines chewing the wheat up on one side and spitting out the chaff on the other.

Another feature of the ride was that the mosquitoes were out in force. All three of us were bitten while riding and were left scratching our arms and necks in the evening (and the next day).

Putting a little more air in the tire, in the forest

We felt quite parched by the time we arrived in Soest, so we enjoyed a beer at one of the restaurants on the main square before heading out to our hotel.

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