Snowy mountains – Monday 13 May

Snowy mountains – Monday 13 May

The route today consisted of a steady climb to Resia/ Reschen, a small tourist village at the top of lake Resia, almost the highest point before descending down the Reschen pass on the other side. We only did 38 km, it was good to be able to take our time on the uphill bits.

It was still cool today, but more sunny, with mountain views even more stunning than the day before.

Leaving Prato alle Stelvio
mountain views – early on in our ride

The first town we reached was Glurns, only around 8 km into the ride. It is a stunning walled 16th century town. We circled around a bit admiring the old buildings before continuing on our way.

Glurns central square

We had our first long uphill slog (alongside the road) after Glurns. Here is the view on the mountains looking backwards.

long uphill stretch after Glurns (looking backward)

From here the cycle path diverged completely from the road, still climbing steadily through alpine fields. It was very windy due to the openness of the terrain.

very windy stretch

The wind abated a little once we got into a little valley. We continued to work hard, just about all uphill. The scenery remained stunning. We enjoyed pausing to say hello to some cows lolling in their field with bells around their necks.

Kris in action

At around midday I felt my energy level reducing and we stopped for some yummy dark chocolate and hazelnut clusters.

Chocolate break around midday

We had a slight descent down to the lake, which has a dam wall at it’s southern end. The cycle path took us over the dam wall to ride on the western side of the lake.

Dam wall
View looking back from dam wall

Kris found some remnant snow, at the bottom of a ski run just before the Resia town. Skiing is clearly the main tourist activity here.


We reached Resia at around 1.30pm. The town was very quiet.

Reschen/ Resia

We found the supermarket was closed until 2 pm! We find this throughout Italy – lots of shops close for a couple of hours over lunch. The coffee shop was also closed! We decided to wait and shop before going to our accommodation. Once we got into the shop we may have gone a bit over board buying lots of treats. We had to buy for breakfast as well, as that is not included in the accommodation.

nougat, limoncello, apricot liquor, honey, yogurt, fresh pasta, cream cheese, chocolate, Parmesan, pasta sauce, crisp bread

We have a whole apartment here – it is quite big and great value costing around the same as hotels elsewhere. It has comfy sofas, a balcony with lake and mountain views, and a kitchen! I made a pasta meal and in the end we had more food than we could eat.

Relaxing in warm apartment – nougat and apricot liquor

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