Route change

Route change

We set out to get into the Alps from Milan.

We chose the obvious access point to be the Claudia Augusta cycle route.
We wanted to ride down the long central Alpine valley that runs past Villach in Austria. After starting on this route we started researching the optimum crossover point.
There is additional logistics as we would traverse roads with less accommodation locations, and our high maintenance bicycles may cause a challenge in less equipped locations. And we would not have time for two-day stops if we go the Alpine valley route.
The final clincher was that we picked up the same cold, most probably during the aircraft travel.

We decided to ride the easier Claudia Augusta cycle route across the Alps as we haven’t done the Claudia Augusta cycle route before. The route the Roman army used to cross the Alps.
This causes a whole re-route of our bicycle tour and we will start re-planning our overall route.

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