Bolzano – Friday 10 May

Bolzano – Friday 10 May

More excellent bike paths today – 70 km from Trento to Bolzano and still following the Adige river. The sheer height of the cliffs on either side of the valley on leaving Trento is really impressive.

On the river just out of Trento
Enjoyed riding past these huge cliffs, alongside the river and vines

These paths are really well used, there were lots of other cyclists, both the local sporting variety hurtling along singly or in groups, as well as the more sedate cycle tourists like ourselves. Our top cruising speed on these paths is around 22 km/h

The most eventful part of the day was actually losing the path (we somehow missed a turn at an intersection) and detouring through some small country roads and vineyards – until Kris navigated us back under the motorway to the river where we found the path again.

Off track – this is a road, not the bike path
Really off-track! This is a path between the vines

Riding for long flat stretches can lead to fatigue and we stopped a couple of times for a break, including a small picnic at this beautiful spot.

Snack break
picnic break

Bolzano was very busy and quite expensive. We paid more for our accommodation here, and although there is nothing wrong with it, it is not the best place so far. We have a huge room and private bathroom – but the bathroom is across the corridor. There is also no one to greet you when you get here – they just message you the door code and entry instructions and you find your room key in the room when you arrive.

We put another 10 km on the odometer just riding around the city. The old town is very busy (Friday evening) and has lots of high end shops along the main boulevards. We couldn’t really find a place we wanted to eat, so we reverted to the Spar supermarket. Went to bed early.

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