Milan – Sunday 5 May

Milan – Sunday 5 May

After the drama of the previous evening, we found a bank machine about 50 m from our hotel this morning. We went on foot after breakfast. Our phone map indicated that there may be a Deutsche Bank nearby. We couldn’t find a Deutsche Bank but did find a cluster of ATM’s on our way back and one of them worked!

To celebrate we went into the small superette nearby to buy some cheap wine – this wine was amazingly good when we drank it later in the day.

Breakfast at the hotel was really good and leisurely. We were surrounded by Russians, a tour group. Kris entertained me with his observations of an elderly fat Russian lady who was trying to empty the buffet by herself. I think most of it must have been going into a large handbag she had beside her.

We got back on our bikes and headed back to Decathlon to buy another gel seat cover. Also a camping knife/ bottle opener as we couldn’t open our wine!

Then it was our time to explore. Milan is a beautiful city. We circled around, seeing the castle, cathedral, arch of Peace, wide shopping boulevards and old city like lanes.

Milan Cathedral
Milan Castle
Fabric horse on pile of mattresses
Street scene
Arc of Peace

The Milanese are very elegant looking, even on a bicycle. We were the only cyclists around with helmets and hi-viz vests!

We found a Carrefour (French supermarket) and bought some beautiful food for our first hotel room picnic.

Franziskaner Hefe-Weisser, Italian olives and tomatoes in oil, Italian cheese, salad, ciabatta and rye bread, Tiramisu, cherry liquer chocolates.

We did around 38 km just riding around the city. Dropped off to sleep early again, and woke up very early – so still fighting the jet lag.

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  1. Hello Jenny,
    on the photo -Milan Cathedral-.
    Who is the person next to you? The person comes from the jungle?
    Even if you have lost money in NZ, shaving is cheap in europe. ;-). Good ride.

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