18 May -Bodman to Eichberg (via Stein a. Rhein and Schaffhausen)

18 May -Bodman to Eichberg (via Stein a. Rhein and Schaffhausen)

A good day for riding Рovercast with no wind. Mostly flat or downhill at the start, up and down at the end.  Around 80km.

Lovely riding along the Rhine and through vineyards. Went in and out of Switzerland a few times. Did part of the ride on the Swiss side of the Rhine. Part of this was through a forest (gravel road).

Accommodation is in a tiny town with lots of horses and one Gasthause. We had to hunt around a bit for it and were pretty tired by the time we got here. Had some beers and honey liquor on arrival while they got our room ready.


  • My not having to do my iron woman challenge – carrying my bike up onto a bridge due to roadworks – a nice German pedestrian offered to help and I let him!
  • Stein a Rhein – the most beautiful town yet with painted buildings, narrow streets, on the Rhine.
  • White swan with cignets at Stein a Rhine.
  • Rhine fall – huge waterfall on the Rhine just outside Schaffhausen.
  • Evening walk around Eichberg, very quiet with Alps in the distance, Rolling hills with horses, rabbits, goats beehives.


  • My breaking a spoke and Kris having to fix. Spoke not fitting properly and a bit of a struggle (though got going). Then not being able to find bike shop in Schaffhausen. We cant go on breaking spokes every day!
  • Navigating through the traffic in Shaffhausen, witch is Swiss and traffic not as forgiving or bike paths as good.

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