The nature of tourism

The nature of tourism

Rome prompted me again – as a cycle tourist you become aware of entering or exiting a tourism spot.
Cities with tourist attractions have managed tourist areas. For example Krakow in Poland is a very ugly city with a couple of inner city blocks containing beautifully maintained and reconstructed historic icons.

So tourists are herded into these areas, and they are essentially kept there because there is not much to see outside these areas. Then the tourists are relieved of their spare cash by having them pay for every move they make.

Its like the tourists are cows that are herded into a holding area where they are milked by the locals.

One thought on “The nature of tourism

  1. Hello Jenny&Kris,
    we read you have arrived well and you already feel very comfortable in Italy ;-).
    Without you, Decathlon would go bankrupt.
    The comparison of the tourists with the cows is good. Somewhere the money must come from.
    Unfortunately, not everyone can buy a Ferrari :-). We follow your blog and are already waiting for the next reports. Morning we will drive our first longer tour with the bikes this year.

    Andreas and Silvia.

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