16 May – a cold journey to from Sommerberg to Lindau

16 May – a cold journey to from Sommerberg to Lindau

Snow this morning!!  It began to fall while we were still getting ready. Didn’t realise it was so cold as gasthause is so warm with double glazed windows etc.

Once we started riding it soon turned to rain. We thought it may clear and warm up once we got to Lindau, at the lake and quite a bit lower down, but  it was still very cold. So we found accommodation with internet and  settled in for the afternoon. Emerged at around four to go to supermarket and pub for some beers and snacks. It has been hailing and raining on and off the whole afternoon.

We have only made about 30km progress, and did around another ten going shopping in evening.


  • Breakfast at Gasthause Rudolph – immaculately set table  with knitted chicken egg warmers – while watching the snow outside.
  • Surviving the cold and getting warm again.


  • Coming down a huge downhill to Lindau with hands and feet freezing. Hands so cold they were painful and then numb. Had merino on  so body quite warm but really needed ski gloves!
  • Hail coming down as came into Lindau.

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