Breakfast in Germany

Breakfast in Germany

We are finding the food in Germany cheap and of very high quality.

Our highlight is the breakfast which keeps  us going for most of the day. It has been included in all our accommodation so far except the Wombats hostel where it cost only E3.80 for all you can eat.

The traditional breakfast consists of fresh rolls, a number of different cheeses, salami and ham, a boiled egg, berry jam and copious amounts of coffee. Some places are more elaborate and provide fruit, yoghurt and cereal as well. In one or two places they even had cake as an option. I particularly like the yoghurt as they usually provide a very soft unsweetened variety.

We are also enjoying the beer culture here – everyone drinks it and you can buy a good beer anywhere (even in a coffee shop). Many small towns seem to have their own breweries. They typically cost around E2.80 and you get 1/2 litre – no mucking around with smaller amounts.

Another thing I like about this food culture is their habit of putting bakeries at the entrances to supermarkets. Very sensible to make it easy to get a pastry and coffee. Their breads and baked goods are excellent and we are not holding back as we need the carbs.

We have eaten out or had street food a few times – they seem to enjoy pizza and kebabs as much as we do. The gasthauses have the more traditional food. We have also eaten out of the local food shops very well a few times. They don’t seem to have any huge supermarkets like we do so there is less choice, but everything you need is available and not expensive.

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