Intelligence and image processing

Intelligence and image processing

Intelligence is a fascinating topic as we are defined by our thoughts. And it is hard to create an artificial intelligence (if there is artificial intelligence, there must be artificial stupidity, and there is).

To some extent intelligence represent the ability to recognise patterns. Recognition of faces, worldwide trends, and scientific discovery are all underscored by this ability.

Pattern recognition requires the means to abstract a domain into characteristics that are recognisable. So, if we posses many methods to synthesize or abstract, and we can integrate these methods;- can we create artificial intelligence?

I dont know, but I have created a simple pattern abstraction of images. It can be used to stitch panoramic photos. Find it here.

One thought on “Intelligence and image processing

  1. I downloaded stitch about a week ago. I installed java version 1.6. I got stitch running. I opened my two images, but when I pressed the join button I got this (maybe I have not got enough stack space):
    Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    at stitch.Edge.setEdges(
    at stitch.ImageModel.setImgEdges(
    at stitch.Controller.doJoin(

    I have 1 Gbyte of RAM.

    I shrank my two (4 Mpixel) images to 600 pixels x 450 and tried again. It joined the two together but rotated them relative to each other about 10 degrees. Today I started again and shrank the original images to half width and height (1152 pixels by 864). This time the rotation is much less and the join is better.

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