Rhine River Ride – Tuesday 9 July

Rhine River Ride – Tuesday 9 July

Today was our longest ride so far – 116 km from Cologne to Weitersburg. This was largely due to us underestimating the distance to the accommodation we had booked.

Almost the entire ride today was alongside the scenic Rhine river. It was not hard and we set off at a relaxed pace, not realising how long the day would be.

Rhine river view – leaving Cologne
Bridge on the Rhine

We were charmed by the small town of Unkel, about half way into our ride.

Rhine vineyards
Break along the Rhine

The last 20 km of the ride were hard. We were tired and Kris found the navigation to our accommodation tricky. We thought it would be straight forward when we booked the pension, as it was alongside the Rhine. But it turned out to be awkwardly situated in relation to the motorways and it was not easy to work out the best route with a bicycle. We stopped a couple of times for directions from people on the street. The last 2 km were up a steep hill – we actually walked some of the way.

We bought a heap of food and some red wine in the previous town and enjoyed it while recovering on the terrace outside our bedrooms, with the view of the Rhine below.

Recovering with a wine at pension in Weitersburg
Rhine view from Weitersburg

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