80th Birthday Celebration

80th Birthday Celebration

Dad’s 80th birthday was on 2 May. The whole family got together in New Plymouth on the following weekend to celebrate. Here are some photos of the occasion.

Mt Taranaki – looking stunning on our way to New Plymouth

Welcome drinks – William J, Bethany and Reinhard, Jenny, Kris, William

Party time with Housing Colleagues on Friday – Reinhard, Raewyn and Rod

Riding along the foreshore on Saturday – from one end to the other

Reinhard, Bethany and Kris hanging out in the apartment

We had a big celebration dinner on Saturday

Dad enjoying a champagne before dinner

(left to right – Dad, Jenny, Kris, William J, Reinhard, Bethany, Mum)

Birthday cake and candle


Final family photo – Bethany and Reinhard, William J, Pam and William (Mum and Dad), Jenny and Kris


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