17 June – alongside the river Oder

17 June – alongside the river Oder

Today we spent the whole day on the Oder-Neisse-Radweg – which follows the river north – from Guben to Frankfurt (Oder). The cycle path was easy to follow and sealed the whole way.

It was also nice and cool – the possible showers forecast didn’t eventuate. The only thing that was not perfect was a strong headwind, especially on the unsheltered stop-banks – adding to the exercise value of the 75km ride.

The river is the German/Polish border – the cycleway is on the German side – we rode alongside these German border posts for much of the day.

German border post and cycleway information on Oder-Neisse-Radweg

Cycleway on stopbank

We were impressed with the mobile high-water dike at Ratsdorf – Locals just need to slot in the barrier when the river floods.

Mobile high-water dike information board at Ratsdorf

A canal joins the river at Eisenhuttenstadt – after we crossed it we lost the bike path for a while – but Kris quickly found it again and the path reverted to easy cycling alongside the river once again – alternating from riding on top of the stop bank with riding alongside it.

Crossing canal at Eisenhuttenstadt

We stopped again at Aurith, as we couldn’t resist a cute cafe/bar set right alongside the cycleway – to share a Weizenbier.

More cycleway on stopbank

The last ten kilometers or so into town seemed to take forever – the cycle path left the river and after a messy transition (not sign-posted!) picked up again alongside the main road into town.

There were some beautiful homes alongside the river riding into town. And then every now and then a property falling into ruins. The houses in these photos are literally next door to each other!

What a shame – nature allowed to take over and the building ruined beyond repair

Beautifully maintained properties next door

We arrived in the early afternoon – there was a ceramics market in the town square, we enjoyed some pea and lentil soup from one of the food stalls next to the market.

We had a good deal at a three star hotel – near the center of town.

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