14 June – Elbe and Elster

14 June – Elbe and Elster

Today we crossed both the Elbe and the Elster rivers, though we didn’t spend time riding along either river.

Our route was an easy 61km, from Bad Schmiedeberg to Schonewalde. Once again Kris’s navigation along the small “Landstrasse” (rural roads) was straight forward.
The small towns we passed through were Patzschwig, Korbin, Pretzsch, Mauken, Kloden, Rade, Schoneicho, Grabo, Jessen, Linda, Stelzehain, Schmielsdorf – to Schonewalde.

There was a castle at Pretzsch, and just around the corner – the Elbe river! We had to take a ferry to cross it.

Pretzsch castle

Large passenger boat on the Elbe

Elbe ferry

The landscape is very flat and quiet. We only found ourselves onto dirt roads once or twice which slowed us down. All in all an easy day as we left late and arrived early.

Our accommodation in Schonewalde is much nicer than last night, though comparatively expensive (and doesn’t include breakfast).

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