12 June – rest day in Leipzig

Today was a rest day and we headed out for the Leipzig Decathlon, after a slow start and a good hotel breakfast.
We received excellent service as usual – they replaced the rear gear cassette on Jenny’s bicycle free of charge, even though we were up front about the number of kilometers we had done on the bicycle. The mechanic was impressed that we had come over the Alps with the bikes and commented that he hadn’t realised that you could tour on these bikes.

We ate some pizza in the mall where the Decathlon is situated while waiting for the bike to be fixed.

We had another ride around the city center and then through some of the northern parts that we had not seen on our way in (46km in all). 
This is one of the largest stretches of lawn I have ever seen, in the park near the zoo – tt was being cut with tractors.

I liked this street-art, similar in style (same artist?), but at different sites.

On wall in inner city

 Near pub where we drank a Weisse beer on outskirts

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