30 May – Long hot ride

Today was a longer ride – 82km, from Chammunster to Burglengenfeld.

We had an early start this morning (before 8am) as the gasthaus offered an early breakfast. The sun already had some heat in it and we knew we were in for a hot day ahead, so we were keen to do most of our riding in the morning.

The first part of the ride was flat and easy. It became more difficult when we ran into some roadworks that took us off track and added a few extra kilometers to our journey.

We entered some steep woodlands just after the cloister at Walderbach. Jenny took a wrong turn while Kris rode on ahead and we became separated. Jenny stopped at another fork in the road further on and waited anxiously for half an hour or so as Kris backtracked and worked out what had happened.

The bike path then came alongside the river Regan. We stopped at Nittenau, a biggish town to eat a pastry and some ice cream outside the supermarket. It was past midday and very hot at this stage, so good to cool off a bit.

Then we crossed the river to join the Marienthal cycleway, which took us up and down through some woodland. It was a relief to ride in the shade, though the road was not easy (unsealed etc).

We reached our target area for accommodation when we got onto a tarred road and reached Teublitz. We had not booked accommodation on-line, so had to find some on the ground. There was not much in Teublitz and the woman at the Rathaus (town hall) advised that there was accommodation is Burglengenfeld, only a few kilometers away.

Burglengenfeld was a much prettier town and the tourist office gave us a list of accommodation. We went to our preferred accommodation on the outskirts of the town and found a sign saying that it was closed for a Ruhetag (rest day/ day off). As we were standing there looking at our list to decide where to go to next, someone came out of the gasthaus. We spoke to him and he said there is a possibility of a room. A little while later he came out with a key! We seem to have the place to ourselves. The room is nice and big, it is very reasonable and breakfast is included. The only thing we did not have is Wifi.

River Naab and Burglengenfeld

Burglengenfeld center

Burglengenfeld Rathaus

Later on we walked through the town to look for some food and drink. We stopped at a pizza place and ended up helping the owner’s daughter with her English speech – for a school exam. We got our pizza for free!
We then tried Weizenbier at three different cafes – we sat outdoors for the first two and inside on the last. The last one was also a Greek restaurant and had the best beer. We had a wonderful Greek anti-pasta platter and pita bread – it was so good we ordered a second one. We were both really full and satisfied by the time we rolled back to the hotel.

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