7 May – Croatia – Split to Trogir

7 May – Croatia – Split to Trogir

We slept well on the ferry, and it arrived on time at 9am. We were among the first people off and through customs.

We enjoyed riding around the old town of Split. The emperor Diocletian’s palace is in Split and adjoining it are a warren of streets, with many touristy shops and cafes. There were many tourists out and about. There were also some special Sunday service going on, with many locals milling around the old town wearing yellow sashes.

We headed down to the waterfront, where there was a huge stage and sound system set up for a service – when we passed by a second time there was a bishop on the stage. There was a choir and rousing choral music. Some small family groups in the crowd were wearing traditional costume.

We stopped at a waterfront hotel bar for a coffee, before circling town once more and then trying to find the best road to Trogir. This proved to be a bit of a mission, up and down a few hills. Here is a view of Split again from a hilltop cafe we ended up at (it was a dead end, so we had to go back). You could still hear the music from the waterfront service up here.

We finally got onto some suburban roads to Trogir, managing to stay off the main coastal road. We stopped at a Lidl (a German supermarket) to buy some juice and pastries. It was threatening to rain and dripping a bit as we came out, so we ducked into this little cafe for a couple of coffees – the owner was extremely friendly.

When we arrived in Trogir we bought some cherries at an open air market – this little old lady dressed in black was quite an aggressive seller.

Trogir is smaller and less frantic than Split – it also has a warren of an old town you can wander around in.

The waterfront has a row of cafes and one was advertising craft beer! We had a local brew, from Split that was very much to our taste (Barba Pale Ale, American style, 5.4%).

Feeling more relaxed, we rode on to our accommodation, which was about 5km away on an island that you reach by crossing a bridge. We only did 47km this day, still taking it slow with my knee.

In the evening we walked down to the beach and had some more beer (another local beer, but not craft beer) and a pizza.

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