Wednesday 29 July – The Hague

Wednesday 29 July – The Hague

The ride from Amsterdam to The Hague was around 60 km and fairly straight forward. We had good bicycle paths (2 lane and separate from the traffic) all the way.

Our route took us past the Schipol airport, then followed the Aalsmeerderdijk, passed the Westeinderplas lake, to Leiden and then Den Haag. We had a bit of headwind and it threatened to rain, but happily we stayed dry.

At one stage we were travelling along a canal that went over a four land highway!

The whole route is fairly built up, but there were still patches of farmland alongside the canals with grazing cows. Also a few windmills.



We got into Den Haag early and rode around a bit looking at the town, and also looking for a map of South East England (which we eventually found).


Hague1 Hague2 palace Hague4

Our accommodation is in “The Student Hotel The Hague” and is very modern and clean, with good shared lounge spaces. Also a cafe and bar, with a special on hamburgers. Best of all there are washing machines!

In the evening we had another ride around to look at the palaces, and an early night.

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