Monday and Tuesday 27/28 July – rest days in Amsterdam

Monday and Tuesday 27/28 July – rest days in Amsterdam

Esther left in the rain on Monday morning, Kris accompanied her to the station.

We had bad weather for our two rest days in Amsterdam, with showers coming and going. We treated ourselves to a four star hotel (special price) for two nights and enjoyed sleeping in while it rained outside. When we went out, we inevitably got wet.

I searched for and bought a new camera, similar to my last one (a Canon Ixus).

However we did get to explore a bit of the city, which is huge and bustling with tourists. There are canals everywhere and many of the distinctive Amsterdam canal houses. We spent an evening walking around the red light district and enjoying beer in a couple of nearby bars. The district is much larger than we expected and has the oldest buildings. There are lots of ladies sitting in windows in their underwear, sex shops and “coffee” shops. Also people sitting smoking dope alongside the canals.

Amsterdam1      Amsterdam2        Amsterdam01        Amsterdam02

There are bicycles everywhere.


This warning is in most of the shop windows, issued by Tourist Information Amsterdam.


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